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      CBD-F300 Series Gear Pum
      HGP-2A Series Gear Pump
      HGP-4A Series Gear Pump
      GPYZ-F Series Gear Pump
      RGP-F200 Series Gear Pum
      CBD1-F200 Series Gear Pu
      2GG1P/2GG2P Series Gear
      G5 Series Gear Pump

             Huaian ChangJiang Hydraulic Machinery Co.,Ltd. was established in 1998, is specialized in high hydraulic gear pump design, production and sale of businesses; under the leadership of professor-level senior engineer, trained a group of high-quality design, technology, testing personnel; rely technical advantages universities, through technical innovation and new technologies, new technology introduction to product design, manufacturing; At the same time improve the raw material level, strictly controlled into the factory inspection proceduresquality raw materials, high-precision machining centers, CNC equipment, computer-controlled product testing system, so that product quality greatly improved, It reduces noise and improves reliabilitygradually replace similar imported products in the relevant fields, to provide customers with high quality and reliable hydraulic components…
      Factory strength, excellent product quality
      22 years of experience in production factory, is specialized is engaged in the high hydraulic gear pump design, production and sales of professional technology research and development team, superior production equipment, greatly improve the quality of the product
      After sales service system 
      Products passed the ISO9001:2001 quality system certification,
      Based on the concept of quality service, to provide reliable quality assurance for the domestic and foreign customers.
      Huaian ChangJiang Hydraulic Machinery Co.,Ltd
      Production base: no.359, Huaihe West Road, Huaiyin District, Huai'an City, Jiangsu Province
      Administrative center: 5-101, Juyi capital, Huaihai West Road, qingjiangpu District, Huai'an City, Jiangsu Province
      Mob:15061219868 13094924989
      Website keywords:Hydraulic gear pump、Synchronous motor、Power unit、Gear pump
      Copyright: Huaian ChangJiang Hydraulic Machinery Co.,Ltd    Mob:15061219868 13094924989     Tel:0517-83787358
      Fax:0517-83791115     E-mail:mzy651002@163.com     Web:www.814117.com
      Website record No.: Su icp 13044684-1
      Working hours: Monday to Sunday(8:00-18:00)
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